Sunday, March 23, 2008

Angsty Over-Production

After travelling no less than five HUNDRED miles this past week, and being harangued incessantly by Joe and Nip for not posting new content, Ryan decides to take advantage of his pirated plugins full-on rock studio and bring some wicked over-production to his demo. My demo. This is Ryan speaking.

As a celebration of Nine Inch Nails' new digital-only album/sonic experiment, Ghosts, I decided to revisit one of my favorite songs from a really, terribly inconsistent album:

Every Day is Exactly the Same follows a classic NIN formula of:
dark verse
dark verse (with extra guitar-y part thrown in)
loud chorus
dark verse (plus guitar-y)
loud chorus
confessional, soul-rending bridge
loud chourus

Except that now Trent is 40. So compress it a little, take all the loud parts down a notch, and have everyone wondering if maybe he couldn't just lighten up a bit.


Click for NIN's even slicker original.

In an effort to flesh out this song, I ended up inserting tracks, layering vocals and adding effects to acoustic guitar. Eventually, contrary to everyone's predictions.... it still sounded pretty much like a Nine Inch Nails cover song. Hm. Mission accomplished!

Next week I'll get back on the minimalism train and leave the RP-1 at home, I promise. Meanwhile, download the track and let us know what we're doing good/bad, right/wrong, dumb/superdumb.

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