Tuesday, March 18, 2008

A semi-ironic retort

Sick of earnest, heartfelt song craft, Joe made a swift 180 just to rape the happy memory of Ryan's metal-head teen years by re-imagining the lead follow-up, but more famous single from these guys:

He even thought to include the blistering solo before the last chorus. He could have taken 'er easy and hammered the cowbell for "Slave to the Grind", he could have written love letters in the sand for "I Remember You", he could have ended up like this guy:

Let's all thank god that he didn't, and just enjoy the mp3 below. After all, now we can look forward to cut-rate versions of any number of self-indulgent, bloated, hair-metal tracks from the tapes in the center console of Ryan's old truck.


18 and Life, 1989 version.


Lurker Mcgee said...

Technically, "Youth Gone Wild" was the lead single. "18 and Life" was the second single, but a much bigger hit.

Ryan said...

Just for that I'm doing Youth Gone Wild. Also, the cover art matches our color scheme.