Thursday, January 15, 2009

Technology: The Future is NOW

Gather round, troops. It's time for our Biannual FutureTown Round-Up. (of the future!) Technically this is the first one, but with my new future-seeing abilities, I anticipate another one in the near, ah... future. I've been meaning to start some new traditions around here, anyway. So Biannual it is!

Now please join me in taking a moment to honor these innovators who, for lack of a day job, pushed the envelope in musical development. (of the future!) Technology pioneers who not only lived on the edge, but promptly fell off of it. These instruments are lovingly crafted, and recently fangled. Click through the photos for Wired's original article.

1. Overtone Violin (of the future!)

Dear Overtone Violin, I stumbled upon your eHarmony profile, and I must had me at "Sonar Sensor." Also, again at Sonar Sensor 2. But then Button Matrix? Video Camera? Bottom Control? I think we're moving a little fast here.

Plus, I'm a bit concerned about this "tech-sessory fetish" you mention, illustrated by your fingerless lycra glove. With velcro. And some sort of USB cable just kind of tacked on there. I know Lawnmower Man. And you, sir, are no Lawnmower Man.

#2: Boing Boing (of the future!)

This litle gizmo is described as:
"...producing sounds such as bounces, collisions, trembles, shudders and shakes."
Sounds like Scott Weiland is out of rehab again. Heeeeeeeeeyyyyyyyyyyyyyy*

#3: Beamz (of the future!)

Immediately, points lost for including a "Z" in an attempt to tug on our futuristic laser-strings. Secondly, Laser Strings! Lastly, it's a clear patent infringment on Nintendo's U-Force from 1989 (and yes, I looked that up, but it was a mere formality.)

So that's it. Buy one of these crazy gadgets, then break it and see what oozes out. My guess? Very little magic.


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Ro-Beast Rollie said...

I just watched Back to the Future Part 2 the other day and quite frankly, I've heard enough " the future" jokes to last a while.

Run for it, Marty!

Speaking of conducting weather experiments, while I'm commenting here (and welcoming you back to your own blog) I have a new thing I want to try. For bloggers like yourselves that require word verification for comments, I'm going to start working in the fictitious word into my comment, just to keep things interesting. And if I'm feeling particularly hersie, I'll hersie your hersie!